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Electrical Safety World
Site Overview

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Along with parents, teachers play a key role in helping kids learn to stay safe around electricity. This section contains the resources you need to put this website to work for your class. We've included content curriculum-based experiments and information, plus worksheets for each section to help you assess students' understanding of key science and safety concepts.

Electrical Safety World uses information, experiments, games, and activities to teach students the principles of electricity and the practices of electrical safety.

The site relates to levels 2, 3, and 4 of the New Zealand education curriculum in both science (Making sense of the physical world), and Health and Physical Education.

The site features four main areas:

  • Games—Interactive games that simulate common indoor and outdoor electrical hazards, giving students a chance to put safety principles into practice.
  • For Kids—Key science and safety content, organised into thematic sections. Each section is self-contained and includes relevant experiments or activities.
  • For Parents—Tips for how to get the most out of this site with kids. Includes handy ticklists for home use.
  • For Teachers—You're in this area now. Tools and tips for educators.
Other helpful features include Tell Me More, a section for students doing reports and research; a Safety Certificate that students can use to track their progress through the site and a handy glossary.

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